How to decorate the house for Diwali with flowers?
Celebrate this Diwali with flowers. Diwali doesn’t mean lights and diyas. It means celebration, fondness, and cherishing the relations you share with your close ones. As the festival is one of the most celebrated one in the whole country, people celebrate it with renowned enthusiasm and vigor. They decorate it with different decor items, place […]
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Diwali- the season of lights and gifts
With the pristine festival knocking at the doors, it has become a trend to rummage amidst the various Diwali gifts for family and to choose the best for them. Diwali has both mythical and cultural significance in India, especially because the festival brings all the members of a family together. The festival of light is considered to […]
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List of Diwali gifts for family
Diwali is one of the most beautiful festivals that is celebrated throughout India with great fun and happiness. The beautiful lights, the colorful rangoli, and preparations of exotic sweets and snacks make Diwali the most favorite festival of a number of people. This occasion also calls for a meeting and greeting your close ones with […]
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Diwali is said to be one of the auspicious festivals in Indian culture. This auspiciousness is not the result of only the mythical history related to the festival but also because of the love shared between the family members and the relatives during this festive season. It is this festival where people exchange gifts and […]
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