Return and Refund Policy

Floralbay performs the service of online delivery of flowers, cakes, chocolates and sweets at your doorstep within the specified time period. The team of experts here makes sure that they live up to the smallest of demands and expectations of all their customers as well as potential customers and fulfill the same. Like any online portal/service/company operating their service online, Floralbay too entertains a few terms and conditions as to their return and refund policy.

Following are the important provisions of the company in regard to its return and refund policy:

  • Floralbay does not entertain the returns of any kind. Thus, no customer can carry out the return of any product regarding to the categories like flowers, chocolate, cakes, and sweets whatsoever. If there exists any misfortune on the account of which the customer gets the delivery of a product which is wrong or imperfect, the customer is required to contact the company at the soonest. You can get in touch with the customer service of Floralbay at or you can also reach the company at +91-97738-21997. We are available to resolve all your queries from 8:00 AM-11PM from Monday to Sunday respectively.
  • Floralbay is not capable and does not provide any kind of refund on the account of following instances:
    1. Where the customer gives wrong details and information as to his/address and all our items like blooms, cakes, natural products, desserts and preserved things are delivered on the same.
    2. On all such situations where unsuccessful deliveries appear from the recipient’s side where he happens to be unavailable at the time of the delivery of the item on the address given by him. Floralbay also does not provide any kind of refund when the recipient refuses to accept the delivery at the time of the delivery of the product.
    3. In all the cases where the product quality problems are caused by the way of improper handling of the product by the customer.
    4. Floralbay permits a full refund for the cancellation of the product if such cancelation is made within the duration of 24 hours or more prior booking the delivery date of the product.
    5. Floralbay holds all the responsibility of informing its customers about the failure of supplying or part of any request (the item or substitution of the item, whatsoever) as the time permits. Floralbay also takes the responsibility of repaying the full amount on such instances.
    6. Online refund provided by Floralbay is credited directly through the mode from which the customer has made the payment within 24 working hours. Once the team at Floralbay processes the refund, it takes a duration of 5-7 business days to reflect the same into the customer’s account.
    7. Offline refund provided by Floralbay is credited once the client has shared all the bank details. The process regarding the offline refund takes a duration of 7-10 working days respectively.



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