Top 5 Diwali gift ideas for employees

Diwali is said to be one of the auspicious festivals in Indian culture. This auspiciousness is not the result of only the mythical history related to the festival but also because of the love shared between the family members and the relatives during this festive season.

It is this festival where people exchange gifts and seek blessing from both God and the elders. The festival of the light is celebrated in a grandeur style, with lamps and diyas lighting each corner of the house and streets, eliminating every speck of darkness.

Gifts are one thing that is mandatory during Diwali, regardless of whom you will be giving. Even if you own a huge factory or a company, giving gifts to your employees on the occasion of Diwali is quite considerate.

So, here is the list of some unique Diwali gifts that you can give to your employees to strengthen the bonds.

  • Silver coins or silverware

Silver signifies purity and it will be best if you give silver coins or silverware for such a pure festival.

  • Decorative lamps

Lamps are the main source of light in Diwali and it sounds to be perfect as a gift, especially the decorative ones.

  • Sweets and chocolates

A box of sweets or chocolates will make the day great for your employees undoubtedly.

  • Bone china cutlery sets

For the female employees in your office, you can arrange for cutlery sets made from bone china.

  • Gift vouchers

You can give a little part of the bonus as gift vouchers to your employees, in the name of the festival.

  • Idols

Diwali is mainly celebrated for Lord Rama and so small idols of gods and goddesses will be perfect.

  • Dry fruits

Dry fruit combos are another best gift for the employees when you are looking forward to making their day more happening.



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