Though to some it might seem odd to arrange for something special on Valentine’s day, no one can deny the heavenly feelings which come with the special moments you are going to spend with your loved one.

Love is a strong word, with more depth than the ocean and more height than the sky. If the sky has no limit, then love is limitless. For some, it’s like an abyss where they continue falling and for some, it’s like heaven with pure, white clouds. Every single individual has his or her own explanation for how he or she feels when he or she loves someone so deep. This emotion is both transparent like water and mysterious like the universe.

This is the reason why different countries in the world celebrate a day dedicated for the lovers. Though Valentine’s day was originally celebrated in order to pay gratitude to the Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni, the two Christian saints, gradually people started to send gifts and flowers to their loved ones and families. Soon, the day became a festival for the couples where they cherish their relationship, the affection they share for each other, and their togetherness.

This year, Valentine’s day is going to be the most memorable day of your life since you are going to plan a memorable date with your loved one. But, you can’t decide how you should plan a date or what exactly you should do in the date. Will you simply take your partner to a restaurant and have a dinner or will you arrange a surprise party for her in one of the clubs?

There are too many choices but you only have one occasion, thus making it profusely difficult for you to choose from. So, here are some of the best date ideas that will certainly go to help you in planning the ever most romantic date for the person whom you love the most.


The perfect plan to arrange a perfect Valentine date is to a picnic, far away from the hustle-bustle of the city. You can arrange for a farmhouse picnic or a farm field. Though the date will be set during the daytime, it will be worth your efforts. Make sure that you are choosing the perfect menu for the picnic like mini sandwiches, fruits, lemonades or some other drinks, sweets like truffle cake or marshmallows, and so on. A cute flower bouquet and a small Valentine day gift will only make the date perfect.


If you both love food and want to experience the food spree, then this Valentine day is the perfect opportunity to pamper your taste buds in your and your loved one’s favorite restaurant. Start the day with a hearty brunch in a cafe with a light meal and then visit some entertaining places like planetarium or places which he or she likes. Then move on to the lunch. Set the dinner in a romantic restaurant so as to end the day on the perfect note. Prior to the start of the food date, you can send Valentine Day flowers in India.


After a long tiring week, take a break on this Valentine’s day and arrange for a spa date. Many spas in India offer discounts, couple spa treatment, special massages, and so on for the occasion of the Valentine’s Day. After a heartfelt date, go on a walk along the lake or the jogger’s park in the dusk time and experience the bliss of love.


It’s quite impossible what your city is like, especially when you have a really busy life. This is why arranging a city tour will be ideal to spend the whole day with your loved partner without any sort of disturbance. You can have a Valentine Day gift with same day delivery at his or her place with some jewellery, perfume, watch or dress and ask him or her to wear that for the date.


In school and college days, you usually participated in the treasure hunts. Why don’t you relive the old days with your loved one again on this Valentine day with the same day Valentine Day gift delivery. Leave some notes with your emotions and feelings written on them in the house along with some flowers and gifts. Each note will be the clue for the next. Plan the trail in a way so that it will lead your loved one to you, standing with a huge flower bouquet and a lovely gift for him or her.


The best way to experience the love you share with him or her is by arranging the first date again but changing the location. Do everything you did on your first date. Even you can send flowers in Valentine in India, especially in the morning to wish her. And then, take her to a place from where you can gaze at the starry night. Be the space and love explorer for the night.



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