Delivery Policy

If sending flowers to your near and dear ones on special occasions seems the best idea to you, then is always at your disposal. With our extensive services like home delivery of flowers in India as well as international flower delivery, we have become a favourite among our special customers.

Our round the calendar and round the clock availability has made it very feasible for our special customers to send flowers, cakes, chocolates and other gift items to any part of the country (including some of the remote areas) and also across the borders. Now, our customers are always eager to find a reason to send their love to their loved ones by the means of gorgeous flower bouquets.

As already mentioned, we offer delivery of flowers in India even in many remote areas with our huge and strong vendor network. We have also crossed the seas and have established a successful network in the countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

Here are our delivery policies:

  • If the recipient is not available to recognize the transference in spots, the ordered items are liable to be given to the other individual as impelled by the recipient.
  • In the deliveries where there is an existence of private transference, if the recipient is not available at his home, the ordered items are liable to be handed-over to the neighbours in the incidences where they recognize the transference.
  • We, at, do not endorse orders for transferences at railroad stations as well as airplane terminals.
  • We, at, understand the hidden emotions of the person ordering the flowers. We understand the importance of surprise that the person ordering the flowers or gift items wants to give to the recipient and hence, in order to maintain the surprise and not ruin the essence of it, we never call the recipient to get direction. But, in cases where the delivery person fails to spot the correct address of the recipient or in the instances of any unwanted emergency situation, we may feel the need to call the recipient. To avoid this spoiler situation, we urge you to offer the detailed and accurate information about the delivery address. This ensures a quick, correct, and most importantly, a surprising gift delivery.
  • If the person placing the order fails to offer the correct information and offers off base data, we are not, in any way, responsible for a wrongful delivery of the order.
  • In the occurrences of anonymous deliveries and in the cases where the recipient refuses to accept the delivered items, we are not liable to offer any refund.
  • In the occurrences where the cities or areas, where the delivery has to be made, fall outside the delivery ranges or limits mentioned by us, we are liable to charge for extra transference charges as in these cases, we will organize the transference from the closest area or city where we are obtainable.



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