How to decorate the house for Diwali with flowers?

How to decorate the house for Diwali with flowers?

Celebrate this Diwali with flowers. Diwali doesn’t mean lights and diyas. It means celebration, fondness, and cherishing the relations you share with your close ones. As the festival is one of the most celebrated one in the whole country, people celebrate it with renowned enthusiasm and vigor. They decorate it with different decor items, place new things in their houses, and exchange gifts with one another

Now, as more creative minds are growing in the country people have started decorating their houses with flowers and paper decorative items. Flowers make the festival more auspicious. Moreover, no festive season is complete without flowers.

Starting from chandeliers to the urli, many things can be done with the flowers in Diwali. And to say that the house looks ethereal would be an understatement. The freshness of the floral blooms spreads positivity in the minds along with the lights which ward away the darkness.

So, with the coming Diwali, you must get to know in what ways you can decorate your house with beautiful flowers. Here is the complete list of the things you can do with the fresh blossoms and transform your house into a divine abode during the auspicious festival.

  • Chandeliars

You can cover the chandelier with the flowers, especially marigold since it will give a divine look to the entire arrangement.

  • Rangoli

Rangolis are must during Diwali. So instead of using the colored powders, use flowers to create something magical.

  • Urli

Urli is placed at the center of the hall to make the space incredible. Place the flowers on the water surface and couple it with small candles.

  • Torans

Torans made from flowers will look best at the entrance, especially if you are using a combination of different flowers.

  • Candle decoration

Instead of placing the candles simple on the floors on any surface, use a flower bed to place them. This will enhance the beauty of the decoration.



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