Diwali- the season of lights and gifts

Diwali- the season of lights and gifts

With the pristine festival knocking at the doors, it has become a trend to rummage amidst the various Diwali gifts for family and to choose the best for them. Diwali has both mythical and cultural significance in India, especially because the festival brings all the members of a family together. The festival of light is considered to be quite auspicious because of the story attached to it. It is believed that when Lord Rama returned back to Ayodhya after serving his fourteen years of punishment, the people living there lit up every corner of the land with diyas and lights. They believed that light would drive away the darkness and would illuminate the life. This is why Diwali is always celebrated with lights and lamps, to ward off the evil from both nature and the mind. In fact, in many houses, Diwali is celebrated along with Laxmi puja to make the festivity more religious. Ayodhya decks up in a bridal attire, with thousands of diyas lighting up the banks of the river. It is one of the most divine views in the whole country.

How Diwali is celebrated in Indian houses?

Diwali is considered to be a festival of light. It is celebrated on a new moon day and hence you can feel the absence of the silver serenity that usually befalls because of the moonlight. And it is due to this reason, people light up their houses with oil lamps, diyas made of clay, artificial led lights, and even large chandeliers. All around, you can see the lights illuminating each and every corner of the house, illuminating every speck of the dark surroundings. Prior to the main day of the festival, people clean their houses and even put on new paints and other decor items. This occasion is sometimes termed as Choti Diwali. After this, the main event begins. However, it is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. In some places, Lord Ganesha is worshipped. Fruits and delicacies are offered to him during the puja. People dress up traditionally, where the women wear sarees and the men usually go for traditional kurta pajamas. Rangoli drawing is one of the best parts of Diwali celebration. It is usually done with hand by the children of the house at the entrance or near the idols. The presence of bright colors makes the design eccentric. After this, the celebration heightens as people exchange gifts and the younger ones seek blessings from their elders. So, if you are looking for the online Diwali gifts, be sure to choose the best for your loved ones as Diwali itself is a prestigious occasion to celebrate.

What could be the ideal Diwali gift pack online this season?

When you are considering the gifts for your family, everything has to be perfect, without any glitches. Online gifts are numerous but to choose the incredible ones is up to you. Yes, Diwali means that it will be an occasion of chocolates, sweets, and other delicacies. But for you, when you are thinking about making your loved ones happy and contented, you cannot simply give them these. Now that would be too mainstream. So, why don’t you think for something else that could make the occasion more delightful? You can go for gifts like giving some fruit baskets or dry fruits along with the sweets and chocolates to your family members. Again, there are options like small idols, gift mugs, small pieces of jewelry, dresses, and so many other things. Giving gifts in Diwali is becoming more crafty since you have got millions of things online. Even if you forget to get the gifts beforehand, Diwali gifts same day delivery in India is possible. So don’t wait anymore and search the best gift for your close ones. 



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