Substitution Policy

Following described are the important provisions in regard to the substitution policy at Floralbay.

Substitution policy of flowers:

Our team at Floralbay takes due care while conveying the flowers and they make sure that the real delivery looks exactly like the one which was appeared to the customer on the screen. However, due to several limitations such as climatic conditions and seasonal changes, there are chances of failure as to the delivery of the exact arrangements of flowers as pictured on our website. In the cases where the availability of the flowers is restricted or absent, we make sure to substitute such flowers with the same blossoms of either same or higher value, provided that the design, outline as well as the feel of arrangement remain the same.

On all the accounts where you are uncertain as to the availability of a specific variety of flower in a specific city, you can send us an email ahead of time and can also enquire as to the availability of the desired flowers in that season at the individual city.

On the account of absence of availability of the flowers or different things so requested, we assure that each of your request is satisfied to the esteem. The shape as well as size of the arrangement shall stay unaffected by our substitution strategy and the substituted flowers shall be of the same or higher value as the flowers first ordered by you.

Of all these odds, our first preference always stands by delivering the flowers on the desired date. We entertain the substitution approach so that we could deliver the flowers at the ideal time and the perfect place. All our service providers are a team of experts and seasonal professionals having an inventive eye and hand that create and recreate the outlines as well as designs in view of their rich as well as assorted involvement along with imaginative understanding.

If you wish the same bouquet or decorative arrangement and don’t prefer any kind of substitution we suggest you to enquire about the availability of that particular arrangement or design in the desired city in advance in order to ward off any mistake.

Substitution policy of cakes:

We make sure to carry out the online delivery of cakes that are fresh and of desired flavors as requested by the customer. However, on all the occasions as to the local availability of the regional constraints, substitutions from our side remain unavoidable. Such possibilities increase in all the cases of the same day delivery order or when the destination is a small city where the bakeries are not well-supplied or fall short of the resources.

Since the cakes that we deliver are baked by neighboring bakers, they sometimes find it tough to recreate the same cake with same decoration as to icing and topping. Despite of all these nuances, we still take the most extreme care to keep all the likeness in between the picture of the cake that appears on the screen and the one that is to be delivered to our customers.

On all the occasions of great degree warm climatic conditions, our cake of specific flavors may soften before it reaches the destination. In all these cases, we make sure to substitute the cake with another flavor in order to maintain the quality of the cake. The message on the cake, if too long, is written separately on the card which is further attached to the cake.



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