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Why Floralbay?

What makes an occasion special is the presence of family and friends sharing happiness and joy. But, the presence of flowers and sweets is just like the icing on the cake. Furthermore, when someone could deliver these tokens of love at the doorsteps, it becomes a cherry on the top. This is what floralbay.com is doing; make special moments, more special. We, at floralbay.com, are adamant about making your special days count.

Floralbay.com is basically an online florist that delivers flowers, cakes, and other gifting items in every corner of the country. We make every occasion memorable.

A wide network to make your life blossom

The large vendor network ensures that the fragrance of flowers and the sweetness of cakes and chocolates fill the life of every single person.

We have a network spreading over three hundred urban areas across the nation. We have a strong online presence. There are millions of users who take the advantage of the services offered by us.

We are constantly working towards extending our services to more remote areas of the country. We are focussing towards expanding our network and making our services available to every single person living even in the remotest corner of India.

Fresh flowers wrapped in love

Flowers have their own language. They convey happiness, love, joy, glee, as well as sympathy. Gifting flowers on special occasions enhance every feeling and emotion by manifolds.

Floralbay.com offers fresh and beautiful flowers for all the occasions. We handpick fresh flowers and wrap them in love to make a beautiful flower bouquet. The flower specialists of team floralbay, with a vast knowledge of sprout phases, pick the flowers at the most apt time to transform it into the most beautiful gift.

Flowers for different occasions

We have a huge collection of flowers and cakes. We have segregated different kinds of flowers online in India suiting different occasions. Order online from floralbay.com and gift your loved ones on specail occasions like birthday, anniversary, wedding, housewarming, baby shower and many more.

For Valentine’s Day, you can select from many gorgeous bouquets made from alluring red roses. There are beautiful red roses with and without seasonal fillers. The flowers are decorated beautifully. You can gift this bouquet to your beloved on your anniversary too. We have specially made Mother’s Day baskets containing beautiful flowers. You can gift this specially designed bouquet to your mother and bring a smile to her lips.

There are numerous other flowers in our store like lily, orchid, carnation, gladiolus, tulip, chrysanthemum, daisy, and many more.

Flower delivery online

As already said, floralbay.com is dedicated towards the intention of filling your life with a delightful fragrance. We always go extra miles to make the occasion extra special for you and your loved ones. With our prodigious services, you can send flowers in India to your near and dear ones.

You can make any moment memorable by using our service of online delivery of flowers in India. If you are away from your best friend on their wedding, you can still register your presence by sending flowers to them.

You need to buy flowers online from floralbay.com and send it to the doorsteps of your friend. We ensure you on-time delivery of your floral bouquet filled with love and affection.

We also offer same day flowers delivery in India. So, if it’s already 4 pm and it is your father’s birthday, you can still send him your and affection. We offer same day delivery of flowers to your loved ones. So, now onwards if you commit the mistake of forgetting your wife’s birthday, you can still mend your mistake by opting for same day flower delivery. Furthermore, if you are confused and do not know which kind of flowers will evaporate the anger from your wife’s head; you can take the help of our online assistant. The assistant will help you to select the best flowers for the occasion.

Send cakes in India

Flowers, of course, make an occasion special, but how can we keep away from any occasion? A delicious, fluffy, gorgeous cake is a must for any occasion be it a birthday, wedding, promotion, anniversary, baby shower or housewarming.

With floralbay.com, you can send cakes to any part of the country. You can buy a delicious heart-shaped chocolate cake for your spouse, a beautiful truffle cake for your granny or a yummy butterscotch cake for your brother on the occasion of his birthday.

Cakes add sweetness to any jubilation. You can make any occasion out of the ordinary by online cake delivery in India.

Free Shipping Worldwide

We have a strong network in India, but we also boast our international network. With floralbay.com, you can send flowers across the borders too. With our international flower delivery service, you can send flowers and gifts to overseas countries as well. You can make your presence felt in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. Also, we provide free delivery worldwide.

24X7 Customer Support

By offering unmatched services like flower and cake delivery across India, other gift deliveries in India. We have managed to grab the safest spot in the hearts of our customers who rely only on us to share love and affection with their close ones. We also offer 24X7, round the calendar assistance to our customers. We are always available at your disposal. All these things make us the best online florist in India.

We have other gifts to offer

Not just flowers and cakes, we have many other gift items too. You can buy chocolates, desserts as well as teddy bears from floralbay.com and send them to your near and dear ones.

There is an excellent selection of other gift items on floralbay.com. The added services offered by us make gifting a true pleasure.

Flowers Care Instructions

If you have received a bunch i.e wrapped in cellophane or paper wrapping. Remove the packing immediately allow the flowers to breathe, and trim the stems at an angle. Put them in a vase with clean water. If your flowers come with a vase make sure to fill the vase with fresh water. If you get a basket arrangement attached to a foam make sure to moist the foam properly.

  • Replenish water frequently.
  • Keep it in a cool place.
  • Trim the stems half inches at least at an angle.
  • Immediately remove the dead or wilted flowers & Stems.
  • Keep the flowers in direct sunlight.
  • Keep near heating or cooling vents.
  • Keep near ripening fruits or vegetables.
  • Keep it in a closed box or cabinets.

Types Of Arrangments

Paper Wrapping
  • Paper Wrapping 
Cellophane Wrapping 
  • Cellophane Wrapping 
  • Vase

  • Basket 



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